Why financial literacy efforts do not work well ?

Picture by Fabian Blank In big picture, if you really look at it, the power/money structures do not want the general public to be good at finances. Look at our society- we are awkward, ashamed and it is a taboo to talk about money in our families. Why? because we think money is secondary -the… Continue reading Why financial literacy efforts do not work well ?

Compound interest is in your interest.

Here's an example of the power of compound interest.Let's say you put a fixed deposit of Rs.100,000 in a bank account which gives you 7% annual interest.You absolutely do nothing else. You let it be in the bank account to accumulate with the interest year after year. In 10 years, you'd have Rs.200,000. You doubled… Continue reading Compound interest is in your interest.

Micro finance should be regulated

Micro finance is not glorious as majority of the reports out there proclaim. There are many findings to the contrary, including this article of FT.  Micro finance has been converted from a small enterprise creation help for poor people to a monster greedy business machine for finance institutes to exploit poor people.  According to the… Continue reading Micro finance should be regulated