The social dilemma

'The social dilemma' is a must watch.It left me shaking my head on a Saturday. I already made steps to scrape whatever time spent on social media.In fact it got me thinking about deleting some accounts for good. The attention extraction business model is not a healthy way for humanity. You need to watch this… Continue reading The social dilemma

How I block apps on my phone.

  I told you about my 24 hour digital detox. And I promised I will explain how I block specific apps on my phone. The app I use to block apps (Cliched!) is "Appblock". Previously I used to uninstall facebook and twitter on phone and then reinstall. It is painful not just because of the reinstalling process,… Continue reading How I block apps on my phone.

Digital Detox ( facebook and twitter)

For the past 2 weeks, I formed a new habit. Once in a week, I'll have a 24 hour vacation from facebook and twitter. Which means one day out of a 7 day week, I'll be out of facebook and twitter. I questioned my self and got the answers. Here they are. Q: Why just… Continue reading Digital Detox ( facebook and twitter)