How to learn from the best in the world for free?

The best thing I saw on internet about online learning is, "Knowledge is FREE, But you have to PAY attention to get it". Your attention is the most precious asset. Not the money you have now. The things and people you PAY attention today, will define your outcome in future. Yet attention is what most… Continue reading How to learn from the best in the world for free?

5 reasons you’d love doing online courses.

They are really interactive: videos, online quiz, QnA sessions and online community makes it more intense than traditional classes or just reading a book or an article. You can learn from world authorities of that domain. You can learn at your own pace, at the time you want, from anyplace in the world. All you… Continue reading 5 reasons you’d love doing online courses.

How I got started in online learning. got me to chat about how I do online learning. This video covers basic information that would help you to start your online learning. The chat is in Sinhala. We did this to encourage Sri Lankans to get on to online learning. I also mention about how to get all the great content… Continue reading How I got started in online learning.

First AI Summit in Sri Lanka

My life has changed 180 degrees, when I did the data science coursera course from Johns Hopkins University, . That new learning cannot be undone. My understanding of the new world has changed. I started conversations with few of my colleagues and mentors on how Data Science, Machine Learning and AI can make a real… Continue reading First AI Summit in Sri Lanka