A lesson I learned the hard way.

There are times, I get angry with a person or irritated by a process. The anger and frustration consumes my entire thought process. I would try to do metta meditation or read a spiritual book. When that does not work, I would switch to entertainment ( netflix/ youtube) to wash it away. I wish it… Continue reading A lesson I learned the hard way.

Remove myself from the equation

The vehicle in-front of the taxi I was traveling made a sudden lane change which prompted the driver to stand on his breaks. We were unharmed. I said “ what a fool”, or something similar. Ten seconds of silence and the driver said “ When I am on the road, and when I am behind… Continue reading Remove myself from the equation

How could you?

I was accused of something I did not. Truly, I had no part of it. Because I wanted to be completely understood, I asked specific questions to see if what I think is the same what he thinks. I explained that it was a total misunderstanding. He did not believe a single word I was… Continue reading How could you?