The best UX hotel balcony and SPRINT

Room with a view is what we hope for when we book hotels for vacation. A balcony makes that view a lot more attractive. Yet a balcony that makes you comfortable is a very very rare thing. There are balconies with views of roof tops, construction sites or in some cases blind walls :). Let's… Continue reading The best UX hotel balcony and SPRINT

How to ruin a conversation. What to do about it.

I am talking with someone. Let's say a friend, a relative, a colleague at work, owner of a shop I am visiting or a complete stranger, basically anyone. They go on to tell something, it is interesting, it grabs my attention. Then I jump in. I may have something to add, or I may have… Continue reading How to ruin a conversation. What to do about it.

Questions to ask in the blackout.

Like COVID19 did, yesterday's islandwide electricity blackout should give our decision makers the space to reflect on our energy production. Different action is what is needed. Old ways of doing things will result in same outcomes. The new Government is looking ways to reduce funds flowing outwards by strengthening domestic production.Why can't we stop funds… Continue reading Questions to ask in the blackout.

New year wishes = *Send to all* ?

The messages comes in different forms (Text, GIF, JPEG, videos), sizes(short, medium, long) and languages. They get deposited in email inbox, chats, chat groups, SMS. And in my social media feed, everybody has a generic wish in different forms, sizes and languages. A few hours in to the day, the messages dissolve in to the… Continue reading New year wishes = *Send to all* ?