Obsession with assurance

Humans are obsessed with people who instil stability, assurance and reliability. If that is based on action, then it is good. But in the age of abundant real time content explosion - a person, even hiding behind a fake account can manufacture content that humans want to hear: Stability, assurance, reliability. Content giving options is… Continue reading Obsession with assurance

Click baits

Picture courtesy Humans crave attention from childhood. At first children want their mother and father to care about them, then they go after teachers, friends and work colleagues. And now with social media they want the whole world to like them. It is good to be liked. It is dopamine, it is a nice feeling,… Continue reading Click baits

Life is good, if…

Life is good,If we throw away the need to be right all the timeIf we unburden our selves from the titles and knowledgeIf we reflect that I have a fair chance of dying todayIf we can do things just because we canIf we can get away from the obsession to make things perfect, and expect… Continue reading Life is good, if…

Corona updates.

Sri Lanka is doing pretty well on COVID19.People are back on to everything, going back to what it was like before. Masks are fast disappearing, social distancing...well what is that ? Good thing is people hit hard by the lockdown can now get back on their feet.Bad thing is going back to what it was,… Continue reading Corona updates.

A day in FLOW.

In the morning I have done 2 hours of undisturbed work, Then took a break and followed up with another 3 hours of undisturbed work. I got so many things done. With in the process I have created my own framework for the GV-SPRINT which can be used in any number of days up to… Continue reading A day in FLOW.

PR articles – A wasted opportunity

Have you flip through business magazines and news papers with dozens of PR articles, but never stop to check what's in them ?You are not alone. It is not just because they are boring, we all know they are lies biased. 1) The articles project organisations as places that did no wrong, not doing any… Continue reading PR articles – A wasted opportunity

Flow State

Getting to know Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ( Let's just call him Mihaly and forget the surname 🙂 ) was a life changer. Who is Mihaly ? (From positive psychology)Mihaly became a happiness researcher because of the adversity he faced growing up. He was a prisoner during World War II, and he witnessed the pain and suffering… Continue reading Flow State

Beauty of NO and the beast of YES.

We are living in an era where we1) are constantly running out of time2) also we can just binge away our time anyway we want it. We are living in an era where time is an oxymoron. The reality is we say yes to so many things that comes our way. Those small yes's cancer… Continue reading Beauty of NO and the beast of YES.

How my vacations have changed.

I used to be a person who took vacations to escape from life. I thought that was the whole idea of it. So I would try to experience as much as I can during the vacation. I covered many places in short time, ate more and took hundreds of pictures to put on social media.… Continue reading How my vacations have changed.