Does it help my situation ?

About five years ago, I had a meeting with a very successful person. He had it all. But at that time of our meeting a very few, including me, knew he was going through a devastating phase of his life. He was sick, almost every business he was doing was collapsing, he was in debt,… Continue reading Does it help my situation ?

Garbage in…

credit : Comics I don't understand "Garbage in, garbage out" is true for processes and algorithms. For our mind and body though, it is "garbage in, garbage accumulate" The information we let our minds consume and the food we take in to our bodies grow our minds and bodies. Too much consumption leads to lethargy… Continue reading Garbage in…

My fear is not your fear.

"Why not you speak to audiences about your leadership during the war in the frontlines ? " I asked this question from a war veteran. He was brave, disciplined and proactive. He was a father to soldiers in his platoon, and had taken care of his family while sacrificing his prime years to the country.… Continue reading My fear is not your fear.

3 ways to deal with jealousy.

Jealousy is a mix of feelings driven by selfishness -they have something I don't have, I like what they have, why am I not getting it ? Living with jealousy steals my time, makes me miserable, and disable me from putting good effort to things and people I care. So what can I do ?… Continue reading 3 ways to deal with jealousy.

A lesson I learned the hard way.

There are times, I get angry with a person or irritated by a process. The anger and frustration consumes my entire thought process. I would try to do metta meditation or read a spiritual book. When that does not work, I would switch to entertainment ( netflix/ youtube) to wash it away. I wish it… Continue reading A lesson I learned the hard way.

Anyone can meditate.

I am no expert in meditation. What I am going to write here is based on my practice. I am sharing what worked and did not with the humble wish that someone ( you) might be able to improve meditation practice. I have read many books on meditation, spent time with many monks and teachers,… Continue reading Anyone can meditate.

3 things that helped me in this week.

I went on a 48 hour social media vacation thanks to on mobile and on laptop. I do this often and the outcome is a very contended peaceful Isura. It's like hitting reset button of my mind. Podcasts are an interesting way to digest information. Avoided reading articles from mobile and started listening… Continue reading 3 things that helped me in this week.

It seems the world is on fire.

In the first week of 2020, social media feeds and news were fueled by Australian bush fires, US gunning down of a senior leader of Iran, and the aircraft crash that cost 4 Air force personnel in Sri Lanka. All with vivid images of fire. The feeds and news were fanning down on the flames… Continue reading It seems the world is on fire.