First Podcast episode

I am a heavy consumer of podcasts. Books plus podcasts is a beautiful combo of knowledge acquisition. Dilantha invited me to be on his podcast. We knew each other from the days of Refresh Colombo and kept in touch on twitter when he moved to Australia. A twitter DM lead to a whatsapp chat and… Continue reading First Podcast episode

Careers are dead. What to do?

Career is defined as a series of upward moves with steadily increasing income, power, status and security.Perks, corner office, company maintained vehicle, insurance and pension were the things people looked up to.Not that they will lose their attraction in our minds, but both employers and employees had to make lot of adjustments.And it will never… Continue reading Careers are dead. What to do?

‘Career’ thing for GenZ

I think we need to discuss the 'career' thing. Because many young people ask me 'career' advise. I know you get these requests too. I am very careful in dispensing advise to young people, especially when I do not know them enough. There are few reasons 1) Youth, especially Gen Z ( born after 1997)… Continue reading ‘Career’ thing for GenZ

Solving someone else’s problem

In a SPRINT workshop I facilitated, there was a group that had participants with in the same domain but coming from different organisations. So the group had to select a real problem of only one organisation and design solutions for it. So there was just one problem owner and I requested others to work like… Continue reading Solving someone else’s problem

Why youth won’t be able to grab new jobs created in industry 4.0?

There were 4 stages of industrial revolution.1765 - First Industrial Revolution - because of steam engine.1870 - Second Industrial Revolution - because of new sources of energy: electricity, gas, and oil, and inventions: internal combustion engine, telegraph and telephone.1969 - Third Industrial Revolution - because of electronics, telecommunications and computers.after 2000 - Fourth Industrial revolution… Continue reading Why youth won’t be able to grab new jobs created in industry 4.0?

Follow your passion. But…

We want to follow our passion through our jobs. My passion is not your passion. It's an individual unique feature. And passion changes and evolves with our age. How can an organization cater for this ever changing needs of each and every individual? Organisations simply can't do that. Not even Google. So then how can… Continue reading Follow your passion. But…

3 shifts to future proof yourself

It's happening all around us. Jobs are vanishing. Yet many jobs are created fresh in new areas we have not heard before. Advancing yourself with in an organisation as a ladder is not sustainable. Not desirable by employees as well. Skills will not make you safe. 1) Mindset The correct mindset will supersede your existing… Continue reading 3 shifts to future proof yourself

Our real competition.

When we finish school or graduate from university, we tend to compare our progress with our peers. We become competitive trying to achieve what they achieve. This is nothing but a path to jealousy. This is a distorted view because the real competitor is not our peers. The real competitor is the pro in our… Continue reading Our real competition.

An easy mind training that gets stuff done.

When I have a list of work to do, thoughts ping pongs from item to item until my mind is like a fog. After that when I want to focus on one thing, other items on the list are lurking in the background. Not good. What I do: Write down the list of work on… Continue reading An easy mind training that gets stuff done.

How to learn from the best in the world for free?

The best thing I saw on internet about online learning is, "Knowledge is FREE, But you have to PAY attention to get it". Your attention is the most precious asset. Not the money you have now. The things and people you PAY attention today, will define your outcome in future. Yet attention is what most… Continue reading How to learn from the best in the world for free?