Is it in my control?

I ordered groceries from a store on a delivery app. 99% of the time the app stay true to its’ promise. But this day, it was different. World rarely turns to my wishes, and here was another proof.

Store calls me : “The item X is unavailable. We have removed it from the system, we do not know how you were able to order it”

That item X was the whole motivator to order rest of the items as well. The store wanted me to like order other goodies, which I did not want. I asked for a cancelation. Store said they cannot cancel, I have to do it. Knowing so well I cannot do it in the app, I educated them about it. Then they asked me to call the app hotline and hung up. I checked the app, no phone number. Checked the web, nothing. I called the store back and after 10 minutes of explanation got a number. Called that number, no answer.

During this baton exchange, I received a call. It was the delivery guy: “Sir, the store told me you did not want the order. Can you cancel the order, because until you cancel I will not get another hire for the rest of the day”. I said “I’d love to cancel, but I can’t, and the hotline is not picking, let me see what I can do”

The delivery guy has spent good 40 minutes of his time doing nothing. Of course I am not responsible for all these, store acted clueless and the app hotline is not picking.

On a typical day, I would call the hotline repeatedly until they picked up, roast them up good for not taking responsibility etc. May be go on social media, tag the app and rant.

I reflected. 99% of the time, app is delivering. This 1% is out of my control. I should let it go. Yet I felt bad for the delivery guy. Those guys are our life savers in a lockdown and they keep going despite taking shit from everybody.

“I will send a 150/- reload to your phone”, I said to delivery guy, he refused of course, and I did a reload. That response was in my control. I wanted to appreciate and compensate for his lost time.

After 10 minutes got a call from the app hotline. They have refunded me. I said “ok” and hang up. Wanted to lecture them, but I let go of that thought. These things are not in my control.

Finally received a text from the delivery guy . End of story.

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