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Humans crave attention from childhood. At first children want their mother and father to care about them, then they go after teachers, friends and work colleagues. And now with social media they want the whole world to like them.

It is good to be liked. It is dopamine, it is a nice feeling, until people crave more and more of it. What felt good yesterday has no potential to quench the thirst today.

Ultimately people end up in an attention seeking pyramid scheme. There’s only so many people who can like you or your stuff. Doesn’t feel true seeing thousands of posts with millions of likes. Studies of celebrities and influencers show that they have a price to pay. Attention is good, but rarely stays. Progress that is healthy is a combination of consistency and been transparent with your true self.

Media write click bait headlines for news. Bloggers write attention seeking blog post titles. Youtubers create unrelated video thumbnails. Because it has a high chance audience will click it. More clicking, more reach. Sometimes the title has nothing to do with the content. Increasingly movie titles also becoming click bait-ish. There is a list of netflix ‘trending’ movies I started watching, and clicked ‘exit’ before reaching 10 minutes.

Audience is now struggling at the surface. They rarely have time or intention to go deep in. Audience make assumptions and move on to next best thing.

It is no surprise, in an era, where quality journalism hides behind paywalls and fake news machines are operating at full throttle for free.

The free stuff, the click baits run wild and we wonder how come we do not appreciate the good things.

For a creator, it is very hard to keep up with the hype every single time they publish something.

Everybody want everything to go viral, but it can’t.

And if we focus on our content and be true to what we want to say, audience will understand someday.

This is the battle between instant noodles and home cooked meal. Both answer hunger, yet with different outcomes. You have the power to chose which one.

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