More on ‘the social dilemma’

It is ironic that I am watching a documentary about social media addiction on netflix, which is again an addiction platform.

Of course Netflix is different from social media.
1) Netflix is a paid service. Netflix is not serving users with third party ads or recommendations.
2) We make a decision to see Netflix by paying for subscription. Hence user is not the product unlike in free social media services. You stop paying, you lose access to the service.

‘if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product’

Many say ‘I am different, I am not addicted’. You will be surprised to see how much time you spend on social media, if you actually measure time with tools like rescue time. (I measured few years back. I was shocked)

You will understand how deep the social media companies go to “extract your attention”. These companies are in the business of “mining your attention”

Also in the documentary at the start of the credits the creators mocks us by saying ” follow us on social media. We are kidding ! “

But when I went to their website, they are using social media channels anyway.

They have their reason.

Why is ‘The Social Dilemma’ on social media?

While we hope The Social Dilemma will inspire people to spark conversations “IRL”, we believe it is especially important to reach people where they need to hear it most – on social media.

In service of that goal, we plan to use social media to advance our impact campaign while adopting and modeling the principles of humane technology. Our focus will be on getting the film out to new audiences that might not otherwise seek it out, increasing the public’s understanding of the dilemma faced by our increased reliance on technologies that have become exploitative and extractive, and providing tools and resources to realign our relationship with these platforms.

For what is worth ‘the social dilemma’ is a must watch. It makes you think, reflect and adjust.

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