Beauty of NO and the beast of YES.

Say No to a Refund, Discount, or a Special Request - Comm100 Blog

We are living in an era where we
1) are constantly running out of time
2) also we can just binge away our time anyway we want it.

We are living in an era where time is an oxymoron.

The reality is we say yes to so many things that comes our way. Those small yes’s cancer its’ way through to our attention, to whatever there that is left. The problem with too many yes’s is that we lose touch with our inner voice.

We pick battles we know we cannot win.
We become obsessed with complaints.
We pick the smallest of bad apples out of sea of good vibes.
We avoid hard questions about our lives.
We emotionally conquer war on issues we have no control over whereas our own problems get pushed aside, thinking they will vanish somehow.

The way to realise our true self is by saying NO. saying NO to everything that comes our way so that we say NO as a habit. Why ? because we are primed to say yes out of courtesy, out of fear of missing out or just because we do not know how to say NO gracefully.

Saying no to many things releases our time and attention to things that matters to us

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