How my vacations have changed.

I used to be a person who took vacations to escape from life. I thought that was the whole idea of it. So I would try to experience as much as I can during the vacation. I covered many places in short time, ate more and took hundreds of pictures to put on social media. I wanted the perfect experience, nothing could escape my needy attention.

That chapter is over.

The new chapter is different.
Before vacation : the new approach to work.
– The purpose of vacation now is not to escape from what I have. Because if I do, no matter what my intentions, I will carry them with me, in my mind, in my travels.
– Now, instead I work with more sincerity and urgency at my financials, my emotions and my health before I take the vacation.
– I would ask my self hard questions and try to answer/solve them.These are the questions I have avoided in life, because they are hard.
– I have avoided the escape routes which are readily available to us like social media and binging TV series. I am not avoiding TV series, I am avoiding the process of binging.

The vacation: Relaxed exploring.
– Now the purpose of the vacation is to explore new things and people. But I would select a limited number of activities. I would have conversations with local vendors, residents and staff of the hotels.
– During the vacation I would be grateful for the time to relax and for the people who make that experience for me.
I have seen people who come on vacation and get in to the hotel without unburdening themselves from their status in the social hierarchy. They are unkind to staff of hotels, local vendors and service providers.
Though I was not that extreme, small doses of entitlement and expecting perfectionism was in me.
I have witnessed that and affirmed myself not to be that.
– I would go to the buffet and have a walk around the full offering without getting myself a plate. The plan is to pick what I would eat. Because consuming all in the buffet, no matter how tempting, is not good for my health or to enjoy the meal. Abundance is the path to misery.
I would only pick and take portions that I am sure I will enjoy. No regrets later that I ate too much.

You might be thinking that this process is just too much and it’s not the way to enjoy when things are offered in abundance to you. I am not here to advocate or judge, simply sharing what is making me more peaceful and let me relax.

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