3 ways to deal with jealousy.

Jealousy is a mix of feelings driven by selfishness -they have something I don’t have, I like what they have, why am I not getting it ?

Living with jealousy steals my time, makes me miserable, and disable me from putting good effort to things and people I care.

So what can I do ? What can anyone do about it ?

1) Metta meditation helps me hell of a lot. That meditation triggers spiritual codes of our minds. Doing it daily helps to keep the unwholesome states of mind in check .Settling down to a comfortable position, one can reflect…

May I be free from hatred
May I be free from aversion and irritation
May I be free from jealousy
May I be free from troubled states of mind
May I be able to develop a happy mind
May I be peaceful at all times.

This is the most sustainable effective path I found. I invest my time to do this in the morning, everyday.

2) Here’s a popular passive approach. The idea is to think- these people who are successful and popular looks wonderful and their social media posts are full of vanity, but we don’t know their actual struggles. They suffer too. So there’s nothing to be jealous of.

This is instant noodles, but not nutritious.

3) Another useful and practical ( and a bit selfish) approach is to look at other’s success and abundance as a support for your life. See, if people around you are poorer than you, they might come to you for help. But if they are richer than you, not only they will not bother you, may be you can get critical support when you want it, because they can. So there is a legit reason for you to be genuinely happy when someone you know do well.
A selfish thought process, I know, but a practical approach, kind of like a mix of 1) and 2) that will lead you to 1) .

1) and 3) helps me to quickly get away from that quicksand before it is too late. Life is too short.

2 thoughts on “3 ways to deal with jealousy.”

  1. Social media is like fake news. People only share the good highlights in their life. Use it sparingly or drop off altogether for a better life. 🙂

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