A lesson I learned the hard way.

There are times, I get angry with a person or irritated by a process. The anger and frustration consumes my entire thought process.

I would try to do metta meditation or read a spiritual book. When that does not work, I would switch to entertainment ( netflix/ youtube) to wash it away. I wish it was that easy. Distraction works for a while, but then those sneaky thorny feelings finds its way back to my heart.

I did the above process, over and over, with out any peaceful results.

I learned a lesson the hard way. I realized I am trying to control the bad feeling. Also I realized I am trying to control it by sitting.

Then I stood up and started walking. Walking meditation helps if it is a small irritation. But if it is mega, I will just walk from the place I am, where ever that is. I will try to walk closer to nature if it is closer by, or will just walk through busy streets.

My body activates hormones I do not know names of, sweat starts pouring and I can see people from many walks of life who gives me perspective. Slowly my thought process slows down, my body is in active positive stage, and so are my thoughts.

The more I did this, the more I was able to let go of bad thoughts in quick time.

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