Advise on shares

Like everything else in life, share market in any country follows the nature.
It’s just like our ECG test. There are ups and downs. That is the way of nature. If we have a flat ECG curve, we are dead.

Likewise stock market goes up and down. Up and down. All the time.
There are plenty of advise on internet, from brokers and from your friends and relatives.
Go to and follow the patterns of the price of a company share. See the ups and downs. See why they went up and down in the past.

So very basic sane thing to do – is to buy shares when they are down, and sell when they are up.
Pretty simple right? In theory it is.
In practice, most of us get in to panic mode and do the opposite.

Like every advise, do not take mine just like that.

Go to and see for yourself.

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