“something went wrong, Reload”

This is what got prompted when I tried to open a Google sheet. This sheet was so precious to me. Very important data was in that document. The issue was with this file only. All other files were working fine. That got me anxious. Did I lose my data here ?

Then there was ” send an error report” link.
I clicked. They asked me to send them a screenshot, which I did with a twisted mind.
Then I checked back in 30 minutes. Still not loading.

Everything is safe and sound in the cloud, is what we hear. Big tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon have data centers in multiple countries and no one can tell where my data is. And my data will be in triplicate or more in different servers to provide reliability in the event of something happens in one of their data centers.

These kind of hiccups happen. Nothing is ever permanent, even in well planned cloud architectures. Yet, Cloud is the best thing we have in these times of trouble.

I checked after 3 hours. Everything was back to normal.

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