Questions to ask in the blackout.

Like COVID19 did, yesterday’s islandwide electricity blackout should give our decision makers the space to reflect on our energy production. Different action is what is needed. Old ways of doing things will result in same outcomes.

The new Government is looking ways to reduce funds flowing outwards by strengthening domestic production.
Why can’t we stop funds outflow from energy production? ( *cough* fossil fuel).

Let’s frame the questions in a different light. This is for decision makers.

What if, we could adopt what India did with solar? Achieving more than 50% of energy from renewables. They have policy issues but they are trying hard.

What if, we can look up to the case studies of the top 10 countries in the climatescope rankings ?
(Chile, India, jordan, Brazil, Rwanda, Philipines, China, Mexico, Peru, Thailand)

All big issues give decision makers two options.
1) Bring excuses and play whataboutism, until customers forget the issue.
2) Bring new ideas and execute them like if their lives depends on it.

I pray they chose the second.

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