4G broadband is a Luxury.

Living in Piliyandala, I have taken 4G broadband for granted. This is the internet I received today in Anuradhapura. An eye blinding speed of 0.04 Mbps download and 0.11 Mbps upload.

Just 6 kilometers in to the main road (not a byroad) towards Mihintale, 4G broadband is almost non existent from my ISP.

I checked mobile 4G speed. 2.6 Mbps and 1.85 Mbps. It was better. But still a not ok speed.

I wondered what would have happened to me, if I lived at that location in Anuradhapura during COVID19 lockdown.

Frustrated, I checked with the place I stayed and they were gracious enough to provide their ( a different ISP) broadband for me.

Just like proper highways enable people to trade outside their communities, with proper broadband people will be able to grab new global opportunities.
COVID19 forced all of us to embrace all things digital. The way we work, learn, and build businesses have changed with in a month. There was nothing else we could do. We were pushed. We adapted. That possibility was hanging right infront of our eyes even before COVID19, but we did not bother.

That internet meme captured us so well. ( Was it your  CEO who made the push for digital in your company? No, it was COVID19 😊)

But without 4G broadband, rural Sri Lanka will be sidelined once again. People are now ready to buy. ISPs and TRCSL need to increase quality coverage.

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