First things first.

Image result for savings first.The world’s best brains are recruited to create wealth in lucrative industries. Banking, insurance, stock market, information technology, medical, nuclear, retail and so on.

They make it so lucrative for their shareholders with complex models and systems that we seem to be at loss of faith and words to explain what we get in to .

Look no further than insurance and banking systems that celebrate super rich, piling more and more capital on to them . Not only do they get the tilted coffers in to their pockets, they are the ones who get bailed out first when the economy crashes. Economy crashed because of insatiable greed in the finance sector. Look what happened in 2009.

It’s evil yet it is very important to get somewhat clear understanding how money works, how insurance works before we make decisions. Everybody has to take loans and  insurances, so there’s no escape. But always google first and ask few experts around to get a clear picture of what you are getting in to.

It’s sticky and uncomfortable I know, but it is way better to get uncomfortable now than getting uncomfortable when you are in deep trouble.

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