Gig workers are humans

76887270_427796744602617_8353540948901982961_n(1)One day, after receiving the food from UberEats driver, I was puzzled to see this 50 maybe years old man shaking my hand with a curvy smile on his face.

I asked why ?

“Thank you for been out of your home, thank you for looking at the map and been there for me the moment I arrived, thank you for smiling and thanking me”

I mean, that is what we ( receivers) are supposed to do, right ?

“No sir, lot of people do not come down from their offices . I have to go to their floor, sometimes get in to their offices and find him/her in their seats. Sometimes they do not answer. It takes much time to find them than it takes to drive from restaurant to the recipient location. They seems to think we are part of the app. Click of a button people with food will appear at their desk.”

His curvy smile back again.


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