New year wishes = *Send to all* ?

Image result for send to all whatsappThe messages comes in different forms (Text, GIF, JPEG, videos), sizes(short, medium, long) and languages.

They get deposited in email inbox, chats, chat groups, SMS.

And in my social media feed, everybody has a generic wish in different forms, sizes and languages. A few hours in to the day, the messages dissolve in to the background, the mind does the trick, no more recognition even.

Then somewhere in between, I get a chat addressed to me, saying how much my relationship meant to that person in the year. Bam, I am already pecking on my key board, reliving the good times and also may be the challenges. A wholesome conversation. This reminds me, I should do the same for the people who supported me.

A phone call comes in, with a wish, and also checking on me, how well I am doing. A real conversation about real things that matters to me. Time stays still. I seems to have all the time in the world.

In digital world we have plenty of options to be seen and heard. But it is now ever the more difficult to make an impact in this ocean of digital noise. Think about your work. The campaign that you design, the product that you make. Will it make a personal impact on the person you are targeting ? If it is another SEND TO ALL, what can you do to make it stand out ?

I wish you a wonderful custom made 2020 !


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