Time is the real important factor in internet. 

Image result for real time Internet has all the information you need. It’s with in a click or few clicks.

Yet, why we seem to be increasingly confused about our decisions ?

Most of information is now available for free, bottlenecks for information is less. It also means there will be more and more players coming in to the field. It is now easier to get heard, for free. Options galore.

One day I was at a supermarket. I went to the jam shelf. There were more than 10 options of mixed fruit jam. I spent 10 minutes looking over all of them, and then out of frustration, I picked the same old jam I was using for 10 years.

More options seems good on theory, makes the customer king, but in actual usage , sometimes it can drive me insane.

Imaging how crowded the internet is. How real time the internet is. I was heart broken to see a 10% off deal I got in October is now at 30% in December. I was happy with 10%, but not anymore when I saw that the same is now 30%. Internet made me happy for few days only.

Now I realized internet is a flowing river. What I saw last week is not the same this week. It’s beaten and molded in to a new thing. So everything is time stamped. What was good a week back is not so cool now.

So I got my lesson. Internet is a river. What I see now is not what I see few minutes later.

Time is all we have, they say. For internet, time is always on its’ side.

I hope you had a wonderful time stamp, which was 2019.

Here’s to a wonderful 2020. Cheers !


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