Fear of Missing out ?

Image result for Fear of Missing out ?You buy popcorn at cinema, not because you are hungry, but because others are in queue to get it. It must be feeling good.

You click on the #1 trending youtube video, not because you know what it is about, but because hundred thousand people have already watched it, it should be good.

You buy best selling novels, because you want to feel good that you are reading something lots of people are reading. Then you can relate to them. You are not missing out.

You watch Netflix movies because there are so many recommendations on social media, it must be good.

You see many videos and photos of a hotel on your social feeds. Everybody seems to be going there, it should be good.

This is what social media influencers are doing. This is what celebrities, TV, radio and newspapers are doing. There are endless streams of content feeds vying for your attention. The more you watch, the more it seems real.  In 2019, everything can travel in speed of light.

In ancient times this was the role of books. Knowledge traveled very slowly.

This is how world works. It has been like this all along. It will get more stealth and more speedier tomorrow. There’s no stopping. World needs to spin its yarn.

What we chose to focus on, is our decision. There’s no stoppage or scarcity of things to come.

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