5 reasons you’d love doing online courses.

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  1. They are really interactive: videos, online quiz, QnA sessions and online community makes it more intense than traditional classes or just reading a book or an article.
  2. You can learn from world authorities of that domain.
  3. You can learn at your own pace, at the time you want, from anyplace in the world. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.
  4. They are concise and to the point. You can even skip and go only to a particular section if you want to acquire knowledge fast, and you can move on. You can come back later.
  5. It’s way more cheaper than going to a college, and most of the courses are free ! ( Ex: Coursera)

I have completed 2 more courses in last two weeks. That saved me a lot of time and future errors and made me confident in new areas I am waking through.

My previous post on how to enter online learning. 

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