Ignore this and digital projects fail

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There are many reasons for failure, which I will explore in posts later. But one thing stands out and cuts through all of them.

Human emotion.

Project leaders tend to think that digital will solve all their problems where as the business users ( staff who will be using new digital ways to serve the customers) are skeptical from day 0.

Will I lose my job?

Will I be replaced by a new young staff ?

Will I be seen as old school ?

Gosh, I need to learn so many things…

Though people don’t say these things openly, these doubts are circling their minds and hearts every time a digital project comes in. Are they to be blamed ? Absolutely not.

The problem lies with leaders who do not see it through to the end. I heard this from one of my friend, who knew of a leader who said below at the project initiation meeting.

“You will not lose your jobs. If someone goes home, I will also go home”

That is a leader who knows how to rally a team around a cause. It is so simple on the print, but takes so much preparation and empathy as a leader. One can fake it, but it is not sustainable.

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