permission to sell

Sri Lankans did not like excessive netflix ads placed on youtube, right at the start of each video. This happened around new years eve. That felt like a nasty friend who goes and stand up right in-front of TV every time I start playing a video.

Direct disturbance of user, especially when that user ( me) is already a subscriber, is the polar opposite of permission to ask and sell. There’s no permission given in this forceful ad. I have waited in irritation for 4 seconds to pass to hit ‘skip ad’.

Throwing tons of ads on face of a user is not a good tactic. Not in 2019.

In-fact funny thing happened afterwards. I have unsubscribed netflix and subscribed to prime video. I am not saying those ads was the sole reason to switch, but I can safely say, that irritation was a trigger for me to find an alternative. Price wise it was a $12 to $5 switch. That made it more easier.

2 thoughts on “permission to sell”

  1. Content on Amazon Prime in this region is more leaning towards Indian taste. I tried it, and unsubscribed.
    Comparatively, Netlfix is more “international” when it comes to their content pool for this region.
    Huge fan of Netflix, and now it’s almost 25% of screen time of our household.

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    1. Agree. It depends on the content a user looking for.
      I like Prime, because it has loads of old movies and TV series netflix does not have.
      Like Seinfeld,, Downton Abbey etc.
      Also I like the X-ray feature embedded in IMDB. That’s something I love.
      Anyways, it boils down to multiple reasons and timelines of a user’s appetite.
      The user has the ability now to switch from one to other from month to month. One month on Prime, another in netflix, the next on Eros etc.

      Also I am taking due care for not getting too addicted. Too much selection is not something a single brain can handle. 🙂


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