Update: I completed 9 online courses.

Yesterday I completed Digital Transformation, my 9th course online. It is on LinkedIn Learning. 

It is an amazing journey. With in last few months I was able to get tutored by world class experts with in my own terms. That is, whenever I had free time, from the comfort of my home, at an insanely low cost. Learned from Ram Charan ( the leading business coach in the world) about how to coach high potentials. Learned from John Maeda ( a world authority in design and tech) about business, design, and inclusion. Learned from Tony Schwartz why managing my energy is far more better perspective than managing my time.  

All of these courses have been life changing. It helps me and the people I work with in organisations. It gives me better insights and helps me to  build enriching relationships. It trickles down in to happiness of my family and other communities I interact with. 

Also this keeps me at the edge at all times. That I need to get updated. That I do not know everything. This isn’t just about getting a certificate tagged in to the linked in profile. (Of course it helps to be motivated and showcase my skills), it’s about using that knowledge in everyday practice. I can use that knowledge today, right now. This is the most liberating thing about internet for me. 

2 thoughts on “Update: I completed 9 online courses.”

  1. I saw this story first shared on your Facebook profile and I was like YEAH!! While there are some amazing courses and online workshops available for great value and affordable prices, there is also a shiz load of free information which is surprisingly highly valuable (to the point that you wonder why are they not selling?).

    I’ve seen these available as blog posts, ebooks (pdf downloads, kindle), videos (youtube, facebook, Vimeo) and even podcasts (iTunes). There are also some amazing biographies and autobiographies of amazing people who did the entire journey before us and love to show us the path to take.

    I’m SO DONE with “formal education” and the certificate culture. I’m in for the knowledge and I can barely quench my thirst! And it’s just a Google search away 🙂


    1. Indeed. I myself use all the mediums you have mentioned here. Big fan. Yet, the beauty of MOOC’s such as LinkedIn learning & Coursera is, it makes me prepare for a learning journey. I take time out for it. I make notes while I go. I have this feeling that I am in a one on one class room. I have quizes. I have a community to look up to. That’s why spend more time in MOOC’s when it comes to learning. Yet I use all other mediums too.

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