What Yudhanjaya said

Dec 6 update: Talk in TEDx is alive. Watch it here. 

I could not attend this year’s TEDx Colombo. I was out of the country. When I asked my wife ‘what was the takeaway of Yudhanjaya’s talk?’, she said ‘He asked us to mingle with people outside our range.’

I smiled because it is absolutely true. It is astoundingly true and simple, that is exactly why we don’t do it.

It is easier and fun to conform to a band of brothers/sisters. There are perks in that.

But when I was 26, I stopped subscribing in to things that society asked me to. Because I did exactly what the society wanted me to. Go to University of Moratuwa. Do CIMA. Get a job. Your life will be taken care of. You will live a happy life.

I was miserable after all those achievements. Why? I questioned.

I started reading. Philosophy, religion, leadership, management, arts, technology, sociology, psychology and anything outside my Engineering circle.

I started watching documentaries on true nature of life.

I started reading biographies.

I started meeting people who are out of my circle. Who are 10 years older than me. At 26, I spent time with people who were 35-40.

Now I am hanging out more with people who are 45-50. Guess my age ?

The reason is I wanted to see what happens to people who took various decisions when they were my age. I ask questions from them and get honest answers most of the time. I pivot decisions based on those observations.

So, what Yudhanjaya said is true. Do it more often.

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