There’s nothing original.


I was a participant at AK lit fest workshop by Dileepa Abeysekara.

I went there primarily because I wanted to personally thank him for the fabulous Sinhala translation he did for ‘chinaman’. Big Fan.

That was a very rare occasion a speaker/moderator got my 120% attention for all 90 minutes he spent with us. I wanted to write one big post about my learnings. But then again I thought some of the insights are worthy of short single blog posts. I will write a few. Here’s the first.

“There’s nothing original”

Yes, there’s nothing original. We think the thoughts crossing our mind or that music note glides out of nowhere is our divine skill. Dileepa says it is not. Everything that we create are a combination of things in our consciousness. Past experiences savoured from our six senses collide to provide something unique ( that we think) , but it is just a combination of some old patterns.

He asked “ Have you ever tasted a cheese popsicle?”

We: “No”

Dileepa: “Cheese popsicle is a novel idea. It may not be palatable. But this new idea is a combination of cheese and popsicle, both of which we know very well.”

He concluded, “ We are not gifts of Gods as we are trained to believe from our childhood. Creativity is a learned journey as we toss and turn through life. What we make of it, and create is what makes us creative.”

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