From digital detox to electricity detox

I’m a fan of digital detox. I use an app to detox. What a time to be alive.

On November 29th, Sri Lanka was right in the middle of a mighty storm. We lost electricity. My phone had to be in ultra power saving mode. Survived more than 24 hour power outage because there was a fully loaded power bank with me.

Electricity is the mother of luxury.

We went back in time to 19th century and lit a candle.

We had dinner early and were bored. With parents, we sat around a candle and talked. It was different. We were devoid of greasy political topics and cricket gone sour stories, because TV could not intrude our space. I read 2 books. I started sketching on my note book. Yeah, the physical one with real white papers. My wife told me she had one of the most engaged evenings with me in a long while. ‘you would have been on the phone, if not for this outage’. See, even with my frequent detoxes. I should improve.

It meant we went to bed early. Chaos brings nice things too. I don’t know if I would try electricity detox in future. All I have to do is to pull the trip switch down. May be. It sounds wicked. It was a good evening though.

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