Up in the air

I can understand and appreciate all new tech advances, still I can’t believe how a plane works. It’s mind boggling for me to fathom that first commercial aircraft took off in 1914, which is more than hundred years ago!

I just arrived in Hague, Netherlands to attend a workshop for Civil Society leaders, invited by Open Government Partnership. (more on that in a future post)

I had the opportunity to fly Airbus 380 for the first time in my life. Honestly, it’s like a pilgrimage for a traveller-the double decker plane. At Dubai, before boarding, everyone was taking a picture of the giant. I just observed the magic and tried to figure out how on earth can this kind of elegant beast could be a reality.

I love window seats, and I take pics of earth from up above.

When I’m up in the air, when the world I inhabit zooms out in to a birds eye view, I realize the baggage I carry. From up above the earth is a gorgeous globe of beauty, layered in unique facets, mingled with cotton like clouds. It clears my mind from the debris of day to day struggles. How come we struggle so hard to have basic rights for humans. Why so much greed? I reflect on my self. What a privileged life I have, surrounded by great people. But why we struggle so much in meeting rooms to collaborate on a worthy cause?

Then my crazy mind poured over A380 again. Despite been the most elegant beast, it has its’ own share of issues. Production delays crippled by supply issues may lead to close A380 business completely.

A great solution to air travel hangs on the line. So is our struggle for social enterprises. Though looks sexy from outside, we carry our scars. I will be meeting 20 like minded civil society leaders for the next 3 days. I’m excited to be here. I’m curious to know how they do things differently in their countries.

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