Future Forward


Today, I have changed the title of this blog site to ‘Future Forward’ from the old ‘common sense blog’. When I started this blog, I wanted to navigate the complexity of the world to make some sense through my writing.

Lately I found out having common sense and writing about it, is not enough. We need to apply that sense to make things work for us all. I’ll focus more on why and how. What, is up to each one of us to decide.

I have also created 5 categories: technology, education, mindfulness, leadership, and social enterprise. These 5 things fascinates me each day. What we do with these 5 things will shape up the world we build. Naturally there’ll be blending of categories in my writing. Not to worry, because world is too complex to categorise in to neat labels, so is my blog, which is a frequent evolution of my learning curve.

Future forward – because we need to sail in to unknowns , work out things faster, and repeat. This is becoming the normal, not the exception. Chaos and tension are part of even routine type of work. I will write twice a week, at-least.

I also added a new page. Check this out.


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