More Pictures and Videos is AR and VR.

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR)  will transform humans in to smartphone addicts. Make no mistake, it will make humans super addicted, most of the time to something not real. Marketers and sellers would decide what should be your bubble. Though you may think  you have access to all the information in the word, in truth what happens is the feed that you get is tailored based on your likes and views. If you like ‘samsung’, you will get more of them. More and more of them. If you don’t like ‘Trump’ you will get more of anti trump news. And that creates your bubble. You are served inside your bubble. And you like it because you obviously like it, and you will think that world is what you think it is.

AR and VR will layer a digital film on top of the realness you see in the world. You see something, you click on them, and you’ll get what marketers want you to see. You will consume more. Tech founders are excited about this new phenomena ” this will make people connected and help build communities”. Yeah ? we have mostly become self obsessed with selfies, digging for gossips to kill our creative time, and become slaves to e-commerce. That’s what has happened up to now, with these wonderful connectivity.

‘Building communities’ is to be sold. That’s what social media has achieved wonderfully well so far. And if you think that new layers of tech, diving in to your cameras to make more pics an videos more interactive, will build communities? . Think about it. How many hours of your day is sucked in to social media now ? Will it get less ? Will AR and VR reduce your fear of missing out ?


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