The bakery

Bakery business is more or less the same, especially in my neighbourhood. But there’s a bakery I like, I go there often. The food is good, tea is fine, yet there are places where food is much better than here. So why?. I go there for the warmth of a chat over a tea.

I know the staff well. Customers also connect with customers, because the staff engages them. We share our experiences. There are stories to tell and listen. Laughter. There are limits for topics. It’s not intrusive.

I get to eat on days when I forgot to bring in money, or when cash is short. I will pay on next day I’m there.

Somedays, I let them keep the change if they don’t have it. Next day they remember and deduct. There’s a natural balance, like a home.

There are other branches around the city by the same bakery owner. But they are not like this.

There’s one person here, who is friendly and duty conscious. He spreads caring to his team and then to customers. Who says one person cannot make much change in an organisation ?

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