Less talk, Do more.

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There comes a time in our lives, we are sick and tired of talk and want to do stuff. Anything, but talk.

The frustration that our thoughts do not matter is an acute feeling. It cripples us.

However, action done right or done wrong has a solid realness that we can relate to, no matter how insignificant we think it is.

Send that email that is in drafts, pull out those admin tasks you delayed for so long, make that phone call you are irritated to take. Whatever that gets something done.

Watching entertaining late night political talk shows, and engaging in social media storms feels like we are on a rocking chair. We engage in those nonsense with all the people we meet in our lives. We are moving, but going no where. Somewhere down that slippery slope we think we don’t matter.

The world around me, is created inside me, by what I put inside my head. And how I feel about it in my heart.

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