Happy Birthday, Time.

I am a digital nomad.

Many of us are digital nomads – knowingly or unknowingly internet has changed how we live, work and play.

Last year I received more than 300 birthday wishes. Most of them on Facebook, then twitter, Google + and Skype. For a single day in a year, I was flooded with wishes. I felt really good. I replied all of those wishes. Wow, this guy from Uni, who now lives in Australia, whom I had not talked in 10 years, remembered me, wished me.

I saw the pattern. Facebook sends the reminder to FB friends, then all in FB gets excited. Then someone who’s on twitter sees the FB message, sends her wishes on twitter. Twitter starts loving me. Same in Google +, same in skype. My birthday is a piece of data FB cross sell. There I was, dissecting my emotions. I removed my birthday visibility from Facebook. I did same with Google+. I tried several ways to remove birthday from Skype. Skype does not allow me to set my birthday to private or change anything. I have set my birthday and I can’t remove it. So I set my birthday to 10/12/1892 in skype. ( It’s actually allowed in Skype. Let’s see how skype takes it)

Earlier this January I completed 36 years on earth. This year, not a single birthday wish on my FB wall. 2 wishes on skype and one wish from Google + still found their way to me. That was it.

Sri Lankan Airlines’ Flysmiles remembered me in an email. Google doodle was dedicated for me.I should know better that this could be seen only by me, only on my laptop. Otherwise I would feel very important. (after turning off my birthday visibility in Google+, I don’t know how Google still beats me. Actually not surprising, because my data is somewhere there. If you know how to turn it off let me know how)


I started reflecting about my journey, about 36 years of memories. Is it ?

There are some years I can’t even remember if I have lived at all. For example, 2013. I can’t seem to track anything I’ve done in that year. Such is the irony of life. I think I have time, lots of it, but how much I enjoyed it, how much I made use of it, is a question ultimately begs to be answered. I hope I would not do it on my death bed. I hope I would not regret how I spent my life if I ever have to succumb to a tragic incident ( because I am not immune to any of the calamities of life).

So from now on, I would carefully reflect how I spend my time. Time is all I have. What I decide to do with it, is absolutely my decision. No excuses to live the life that makes me alive. Having this thought around 5 am in the morning when I wake up, has been a wonderful shift in my thinking.

I wish you all a happy birthday this year, and wish you the same abundance of thinking with regard to time.

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