On those new year resolutions.


I had a peak in to my last year’s resolutions. It’s like a rude joke on my self by me. 🙂

Through painful analysis, I found out where I had gone wrong.

  • It’s a trend, and it sounds good.
  • Everybody’s doing it. I should catch up.
  • 8 resolutions. Really ?
  • Why I could not scheduled time for these goals ?
  • Why I could not track progress ?
  • Did I actually want these goals ? Or was I influenced by someone else ?

Resolutions are good. But if it is not clearly written down with timelines and resources needed, and did not find its way in to my digital calendar, you know what happened to my resolution.

For 2017: 

  • Be audacious, be hopeful, but be realistic.
  • Breakdown the goal in to weekly goals. Work from first week.
  • Track weekly. There are 52 of them. It gives honest feedback.
  • A new goal needs new behaviours. Focus your energy on that behaviour change.

Easier said than done. but we all want to succeed, right ?

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