Why people don’t create?


People say internet is bad because  it makes people purchase items they don’t want. It feeds you tons of information you cannot process. It depress you because it feeds you celebrity stuff and you think you have to be a celebrity too.

All of this is true, if you are using internet 100% as a consumer.

What about you become a creator ?

  • A simple blog post that can help someone.
  • You do a research to check the cheapest and easiest way to purchase insurance.
  • You reduce usual time it takes for you to do a task, by learning from google fast.
  • You register to a course and learn how to play piano. ( You have to check Udemy, if you don’t believe me)
  • You open a Google doc, and invite collaborators from around the world to contribute to a working concept note. You get brilliant minds to work on something.
  • You hire and outsource brilliant people to get your leaflet or logo done for $5 in Fiverr.com. So you save many hours which you can spend with your family.

The choice of been a consumer and creator is with us. Why then people don’t create much ?

It’s this idea in our minds of producing a perfect product. The world does not care if it is perfect in your mind. They care if it fits their purpose,and delivered in time. If you stop been a perfectionist and start delivering version 1.0 fast, you may find something amazing happening to you. You have created. You have done  version 1.0, maybe the client will like it, and all you had to do was version 1.0.

I am not ready. I am not good enough. It needs quality time. I have too much work.

Let go of these thoughts.


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