Global Entrepreneurship Community 2016 kicks off #GECommunity2016


I am in Malaysia, as a delegate from Sri Lanka to be part of an amazing community. There are more than 100 delegates here from over 60 countries – entrepreneurs who in their own unique ways changed their societies for good. Bibop G. Gresta from Hyperloop is here. I am keen to listen to the humble success of amazing Dhabbawalas.

Yes, the spectrum here is crazy – from tech empires to mind blowing social enterprises. Audience I hear will be more than thousand.

What do these people have in common ? They have committed their lives to their cause. They do it for many conscious reasons, money is just one of it. They love to share. Their currency is ideas executed. Their vision is driven by scale and real impact. They are not doing things as side kicks or part time jobs to flip it at forums to ride an ego drive.

I feel like a tiny spec. I am part of a vibrant community. For these 2 days, I’ll be dropping everything else to learn from these doers, to ask questions, to engage so that our collective efforts can scale. You can follow #GECommunity2016 on twitter.

Thanks Dash & Vani: My own family, from another country.


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