Development of Robotics and AI in South Asia: Opportunities for Collaboration

I was a panelist of the webinar held to celebrate the 9th National Science Day by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology[MOEST] of Nepal Government. Robotics Association of Nepal[RAN] , Good City Foundation[GCF] and The Policy Times organised the event. The goal of the webinar was to share South Asian perspective as part of efforts… Continue reading Development of Robotics and AI in South Asia: Opportunities for Collaboration

First Podcast episode

I am a heavy consumer of podcasts. Books plus podcasts is a beautiful combo of knowledge acquisition. Dilantha invited me to be on his podcast. We knew each other from the days of Refresh Colombo and kept in touch on twitter when he moved to Australia. A twitter DM lead to a whatsapp chat and… Continue reading First Podcast episode

Obsession with assurance

Humans are obsessed with people who instil stability, assurance and reliability. If that is based on action, then it is good. But in the age of abundant real time content explosion - a person, even hiding behind a fake account can manufacture content that humans want to hear: Stability, assurance, reliability. Content giving options is… Continue reading Obsession with assurance

Click baits

Picture courtesy Humans crave attention from childhood. At first children want their mother and father to care about them, then they go after teachers, friends and work colleagues. And now with social media they want the whole world to like them. It is good to be liked. It is dopamine, it is a nice feeling,… Continue reading Click baits

Why financial literacy efforts do not work well ?

Picture by Fabian Blank In big picture, if you really look at it, the power/money structures do not want the general public to be good at finances. Look at our society- we are awkward, ashamed and it is a taboo to talk about money in our families. Why? because we think money is secondary -the… Continue reading Why financial literacy efforts do not work well ?

5G, iphone12 and trade wars.

In this blog post, I will take a full circle around the current situation of global 5G roll out, what apple’s iPhone 12 will do for adoption of 5G and back to USA Govt’s ban on Huawei.   But first,  what is actually 5G ?  5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, which cellular phone… Continue reading 5G, iphone12 and trade wars.

Life is good, if…

Life is good,If we throw away the need to be right all the timeIf we unburden our selves from the titles and knowledgeIf we reflect that I have a fair chance of dying todayIf we can do things just because we canIf we can get away from the obsession to make things perfect, and expect… Continue reading Life is good, if…

Careers are dead. What to do?

Career is defined as a series of upward moves with steadily increasing income, power, status and security.Perks, corner office, company maintained vehicle, insurance and pension were the things people looked up to.Not that they will lose their attraction in our minds, but both employers and employees had to make lot of adjustments.And it will never… Continue reading Careers are dead. What to do?

‘Career’ thing for GenZ

I think we need to discuss the 'career' thing. Because many young people ask me 'career' advise. I know you get these requests too. I am very careful in dispensing advise to young people, especially when I do not know them enough. There are few reasons 1) Youth, especially Gen Z ( born after 1997)… Continue reading ‘Career’ thing for GenZ